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Blood Will Spill... by RavenpawWarrior Blood Will Spill... :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 0 The Dark Forest River by RavenpawWarrior The Dark Forest River :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 0 The River by RavenpawWarrior The River :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 0 PeppEr Takashi (Refernce by RavenpawWarrior PeppEr Takashi (Refernce :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 1 0 ~Running Through The Sunset~ (Contest by RavenpawWarrior ~Running Through The Sunset~ (Contest :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 3 8
Michelle's Monster Cht 1
Michelle's Monster
The Serecet Side Of Me
Cht 1
"Michelle!Time to get up!Your late for training!" came an famliar voice that I knew very well."Just one more....hour of sleep...please Sensia?" I asked,half asleep."No.You know get up!" Sensia answered firmaly through outside the door.I opened my eyes fully as I blinked to adjust the light."If you are not down here in five mintues..I'm coming back up here..." Sensia told me."Okay...I'll br down there" I grumbled in reply.I heard my mother's footsteps faded off in the distance as I sitted up.
Five mintues is all I need.I thought about going back to sleep,when I suddenly changed my mind.'Training..will be good if you want to become an better ninja' an voice said."Go away..." I replied.I knew that voice,althought it's inside my head..and for some reason.I can be able to answer it.It's been driving me crazy here lately.' want to become the best ninja?' it asked."Well.....yes I do.." I answere
:iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 3 0
Michelle's Monster Progloue
Michelle's Monster
The Serect Side Of Me
"Michelle!" I heard my name been called in the distance."Look out!" it added.I couldn't tell who the voice belonged to.I knew it was one of my sisters.I looked up,seening an black smoke coming my way.The Purple Dragons had disappeared from sight when we were fighting them.I tried to move,but the smoke held me in one spot.It wouldn't let me move.I coughed.It didn't smell any nice either.It was some kind smoke that had the smell of posion.Usaly smoke would be an grayish color,but this wasn't.The Purple Dragons....must of sent it after they had gotten away...I thought.
"MICHELLE!" came an pitful cry through pitch darkness.I couldn't see who it was as I coughed again.I knew now that the voice belonged to Lauren.She must of been the one who told me 'To Look Out'.I tried to focus my gaze on where they was standing but I couldn't.All I could see was pitch black darkness.I then heard an evil laugh."Who's there?" I m
:iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 1 0
Hollyleaf Run Free Icon by RavenpawWarrior Hollyleaf Run Free Icon :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 18 11 PeppEr in Blue by RavenpawWarrior PeppEr in Blue :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 0 Happy New Year :3 by RavenpawWarrior Happy New Year :3 :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 0
An Christmas Fun
BlueRoseKelly's Prize
An Christmas Fanfic
"Careful with those lights,Rapheal!They can easy break!" Rapheal's mate exclaimed as Raph pull the two bundles apart."I'll be careful.Sheesh,Florence you startin to be like Michealangelo with this Christmas stuff" Rapheal half mutter to her."Im not all exitced bout Christmas like Mikey is.The lights is gla----" she was cut off when she heard one of the bulbs break."Opps" Raph said,nervously."I told you too be careful!" Flo said as she glared at him.
"I was.Until I stepped on one..." Raph replied."Let me do the lights!You get the Christmas Ordaments!" Flo told him."Yea.It'll be best" Raph said,agreeing as he pasted her the lights."I dont get it..why are we the ones doin the Christmas deceractions?" Raph asked pickin up an bell. "I dont know Your luckly we're the ones aint gonna hang the mistletoe.Mikey's doin it" Flo reminded him.An slight blush appeared on Raph's cheeks.He always hated kissin her infront of his brothe
:iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 1 4
Flo's New Look by RavenpawWarrior Flo's New Look :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 2 ~Sercert Santa by RavenpawWarrior ~Sercert Santa :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 2 5 Tigerpelt's Paw Practice by RavenpawWarrior Tigerpelt's Paw Practice :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 0 Florence by RavenpawWarrior Florence :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 6 Leostar...? by RavenpawWarrior Leostar...? :iconravenpawwarrior:RavenpawWarrior 0 0
Welcome to my wonderful amazing gallery <3 ! I am not the best drawer,at least I try! Most of my pics is done by bases,cuz like I said..'I cant draw!'.I have drawens on paper,such as TMNT done by paper.Anyways if you like: TMNT,Wolves,Cats,And came to da right place! Mostly my art is Warrior Cats and TMNT,but I'll throw in an little other stuff.

Enjoy my crappy art!

Main OCS:

1.Florence Hamato
3.Nightmare The Hedgehog
6.Pepper Takashi

Main Clans:


Commission Sparkettes by ChocolateBark Commission Sparkettes :iconchocolatebark:ChocolateBark 17 18 I cried when Cinderpelt by SweetSuicune2000 I cried when Cinderpelt :iconsweetsuicune2000:SweetSuicune2000 316 63 I Cried When Yellowfang... by SweetSuicune2000 I Cried When Yellowfang... :iconsweetsuicune2000:SweetSuicune2000 485 142 TigerStar's death -REQUEST- by annathewerewolf TigerStar's death -REQUEST- :iconannathewerewolf:annathewerewolf 58 17 a shadowette by BritBritlove20 a shadowette :iconbritbritlove20:BritBritlove20 0 3 a shadowette by BritBritlove20 a shadowette :iconbritbritlove20:BritBritlove20 0 3 Leader of BloodClan by myalltimelow098 Leader of BloodClan :iconmyalltimelow098:myalltimelow098 16 8 Day-Time Picture by Bouldertalon Day-Time Picture :iconbouldertalon:Bouldertalon 3 0 Chatlands room by Flash-fur Chatlands room :iconflash-fur:Flash-fur 43 11 Cavern Camp-Free by Flash-fur Cavern Camp-Free :iconflash-fur:Flash-fur 128 80 Scourge by BrokenShadow98 Scourge :iconbrokenshadow98:BrokenShadow98 4 0 Black cat avatar by HidesBehindThings Black cat avatar :iconhidesbehindthings:HidesBehindThings 372 72 Scourge by neko-fishy Scourge :iconneko-fishy:neko-fishy 40 10



  • Listening to: 1,2 Step (Ciara)
  • Watching: TMNT 2012
Go to :icondonnysgirl2012:.I'll be active there,I won't be on this account's going to be inactive.I'm leaving it up until I have most of my watchers,back of course to let them know where to find me ^-^.So..please re-add me! I sent my close friends notes telling where I am.

And if I'm doing an roleplay with you..we'll contiue it on my new account. -----> :icondonnysgirl2012:.

If you want to find me,still be in touch with me!Please re-watch me!

-Raven Out

                                     Gooo too... :icondonnysgirl2012:


RavenpawWarrior's Profile Picture
Chey Farmer
United States
First off,let me intrudce myself.My name is Cheyanne Farmer.But me Chey.I attend at B.B.Comer High School.I have no brothers or sisters.I wear glasses,unfortenly.I am an total bookworm,but no nerd!I love to write,and draw.I am stuborn,hot-headed as well! I also have an big temper when someone ticks me
off,other than that..I am friendly.
I also luv to take pictures of my animals & friends.I do take good pictures of my animals.Even if they move it'll still turn out good.My fav show?TMNT ,of course! I am also an music luver.Also everyday I have my headphones on listening to music.Lol yea I love animals and would do anything for them.Well..try to anyways

Name: Cheyanne Farmer
Nick~Names: Chey or CheyChey
Age: 14

Fursona: Raven

ID: Donnie & Raph <3

I do like Turtlecest!!!I'm an huge fan of it!!! Dont like it dont comment.Haters Gonna Hate!

Art idols:

Friends (in no order)

~My Main OC:
Florence Hamato (TMNT 2012 OC)


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Hiii! Please donate some points for me! Pretty pwease? I'm trying to start an contest and I need points to do that! So please help me out? This IS my fist contest...for Christmas since its an little too late to do an Halloween one ^-^ pwease donate? I'll accept two or just three points will do! Thank you!

1 :points: Will Get You One Llma
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